Tasnim Ahmed

Hello! I'm a writer working and living in New York City. I do operations management, too! And marketing!

I'm also the founder of Journal, a digital publication that highlights the lives and work of forward thinking people.

Here's a few things I've written:

Meet India's First Transgender Runway Model

8 Contemporary South Asian Designers Who Are Redefining the Fashion Industry

How My Brown Skin Redefined Beauty For Me

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Atelier Doré

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Live FAST Magazine

The Curious Case of Dana Schutz
Live FAST Magazine

Visiting Thahab: Survival and Surveillance with Nabeela Vega
Live FAST Magazine

On Going Home
Thought Catalog

The Politics Of Hair Removal For Women Of Colour
Thought Catalog

On Candor
Actually People Quarterly Winter 2014, Carville Annex Press

If you'd like to see more, or if you just want to say hello, you can send me an email.